My youngest, Nora, loves to do her makeup, and paint her nails in sparkly bright colors (who doesn’t?!?) But I would be in a constant battle with myself- do I want a clean house or do I let my kid be a kid?

Thankfully, Lorena Canals was the answer to my prayers! She sent me this washable rug and poof to try out and I am so happy with the quality and the design. That’s right, you read that correctly. WASHABLE rugs!! With four messy kids, a dog and many expensive rugs later, I am jumping on this train fast!! Lorena Canals sent me the perfect rug and poof for my daughter’s room and to say I’m in love is an understatement! Nora can now use all the bright eyeshadow and nail polish she wants and she saves her mama some stress 🙂

I love this company because it was mom started designed with kids in mind. Not to mention they have the cutest designs for children’s rooms and perfect designs for everyday areas. They also have the best accessories that compliment the washable rugs like the poof 🙂

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I mean come on, how perfect are these for a little girls room?!

I think she likes it too 🙂

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