I’ve been super fortunate to get the opportunity to work on not only Bargain Mansions, but Ultimate Retreat as well! I have had so much fun the last two years getting to do this show! My first year was with Jason Cameron and last year was with Matt Blashaw and Mark Bowe. This experience was nothing but a riot, although it was terribly cold; which we all know I’m not a big fan of! These two guys taught me a ton and they were so much fun to work with! I think this house turned out pretty awesome too 🙂

This was a crazy octagon of a house that we called “Big Top” like from a carnival! Turning this space into an open living room was harder than it sounds, but definitely worth the extra effort. Opening the area up and adding the kitchen over to the side with the fun tile pattern under the island were such neat details to notice as soon as you walked through the front door 🙂

Everything in this house was designed to bring the beautiful nature sounds in from the stream in the backyard and the gorgeous trees. Walking into this home was truly magical!

The feature wall I built in the master bedroom with trim was such a fun detail. I appreciated how the texture completely changed the feeling of the room even though it was all still the same chocolaty brown color!

We made this wet space functional by using half glass walls to keep the water in, but still letting air flow through the space! I thought this was a brilliant design choice!

Mark Bowe brought in a lot of giant timbers that I was able to, with a lot of extra help, build massive built-in bunk beds! Once again, it felt like trees were growing inside this room! The awesome thing about all this lumber is that it could have been one hundred years old. It came from an old barn that had been standing for generations. There are well earned hack marks along with tons of notches. These are the kind of details that make this space unique 🙂

A brilliant artist painted this mural over the hinged door covers to create a fun way to hide the T.V. in the wall. He painted the whole thing to be an outdoor scene that was a mature style, but also kid friendly and whimsical! What do you think?!

The kids bath with the green colored tile is a node to the outdoors! If you know me, you know that I love bright colors, so I was obviously very excited when we were able to incorporate a fun colored tile!

This laundry room is on my massive wish list for my own home. I love everything about it: the green, the wallpaper, the fun baskets and the wood counter top. This is laundry room perfection, in my opinion! I think the storage space and the usage of the entire room is so practical yet so beautiful!

Matt built a three sided swing, so you can sit out there at night and enjoy the fire pit, the sound of the babbling brook, and the sights of nature all around you while you sit relaxing on the porch! Sounds like a perfect night to me 🙂

I have to say, while we were waiting for some things to show up to the house, we grabbed fishing poles and the fish were not biting! I did get one on the line and tried to get a picture, but he jumped off the line too fast!

Everyday when we came to the job site and stood on this deck, it was a progression from being a rough, unfinished space to one day having a beautiful finished deck, a great railing, and being a truly finished space with all the beautiful landscaping. It seemed like every morning we would show up and something more awesome would be finished. That view was my favorite place to stand and take it all in!

Little known fact: Matt Blashaw is married to someone here in Kansas City and they just had a little baby about a year ago! He met her while doing desperate landscapes here in Kansas City. They fell in love, got married, had a baby, and lived happily ever after. I got the pleasure of meeting him and hopefully one day I will get to meet that little bundle and his darling wife that I see all over their Instagram page.

Thanks for stopping by the blog! I hope you enjoyed this home as much as I did!

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