Hello all! I think my kids are about beat from all the Spring cleaning we’ve been doing! What about you in your household?! Have you started yet or do you never get around to it?! I have to admit, usually we’re SO busy it’s hard to find the time!


Kitchen storage is kind of a hobby of mine…as you can tell from the picture below. I absolutely love these containers from The Container Store! I am not a fan of seeing boxed cereal or snacks. The boxes always get beat up and they’re crushed and ripped (at least mine are with all my kids!) Pouring the food into a container as soon as it gets in the house seems to make all the difference in keeping a tidy space! The awesome thing is, it helps when you’re making your grocery list because you can clearly see if you’re out of any food! With such a big family, these containers really help to organize!

Grain Storage Bin: HERE | Sugar Container: HERE | Pasta Container: HERE | Flour Container: HERE | Miscellaneous Container: HERE | My Favorite Container: HERE

I wish I could say that my pantry at home always looks this tidy, but unfortunately it does not! But it doesn’t look too far off! We just have a little more in our pantry than I do here (this was staged for one of our mansions).

Glass Jar: HERE

Gold Bowl

I love this bowl for storing fruit! We also used it in staging a TON of our houses from season 2!


In my house, we have an open kitchen island, so to consolidate whatever is underneath, we use these awesome baskets! I love them because they hide everything AND they add texture to the space 🙂

Similar Glass Jars: HERE

I am a big fan of corralling all kinds of things! This glass container is super inexpensive and can transform a space! I also love that they’re soooo versatile! We use these in all kinds of spaces like laundry rooms, kitchens, pantries, any place- you name it! In my house, we have 6 of these and I fill them with cereal. It’s so easy because the kids can just grab a scoop of whatever they want! It makes mornings a lot less stressful 🙂


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I am a huge fan of plants of all kinds! I have a large fig in the corner of my living room, and she’s almost doubled in size from when I got her! This spot felt like the perfect place for three plants! These baskets are so handy for this corner and add a whole new feel to the space!

Obviously I have a thing for baskets…I use them absolutely everywhere! They are such a great way to add color and texture to a space while doubling as great storage! I don’t know about you all, but if I’m sitting on the couch, I’m always cold! So, it’s a great blanket storage staple 🙂


You have to have baskets in the mud space! Otherwise, all you’re looking at is dirty shoes, cleats and baseballs!


I love using baskets as storage for kids because they can carry it around with them! This is a great alternative to a heavy toy chest! These baskets in particular are a lot more fun too 🙂

I love these two baskets at the end of the bed! They added so much texture and style to the space! They also make for a great storage place for all of those pillows on the bed! You can open up the lids and throw the pillows in before you go to bed!

This basket is one of my all time favorites! I have it at my own house behind my couch! I use it for blanket and pillow storage. It’s such a work horse! It gets used EVERY day and still looks brand new 🙂


Sometimes we use baskets as artwork! These baskets in particular looks spectacular on a wall, but they’re also super functional! They’re great for using in the bathroom for makeup storage or as a fruit bowl in your kitchen! So multi-functional, I love them 🙂

What laundry room is complete without lots and lots of baskets?!


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