I am super jealous of some of the houses I design because not only do they get a fabulous outdoor living space, but they also get a killer outdoor kitchen! I am certain that if I had a kitchen like this, I would live in my backyard! Unfortunately, I have a decrepit, dated deck that needs to be demolished! The cobblers children have no shoes, right?! Hey, maybe I should do my own house this year!?

The Juniper house (that is actually Dad’s house) has a fantastic cooking area and kitchen! I love how the custom grill functions and works! I’ve had a few meals back here and it’s pretty fantastic 🙂

The way we designed this was actually pretty amazing considering the design we had to work with! We saved as much of the space as we could and changed the stain to a darker coat, added a new ceiling fan for hot days, and completed the look with this awesome countertop 🙂 I can’t visit many of my mansions after they sell, so I feel very lucky to be able to go back and visit this house!

Deck: TIVADEK | Exterior Tile: Delconca | Bar Countertop: Cosentino & Rocktops | Outdoor Sink Faucet: Kohler | Outdoor Sink: Kohler | Outdoor Appliances: Hestan | Pizza Oven: Bravo Forno  | Deck Screws: Fasten Master | Chairs: Abbyson | Stair Railing: Regal Ideas | Sod: Earth Scapes of Liberty |  Landscaping: Berry Outdoor Living Construction

Holy cow…. If I had a big back yard, this is the kitchen I would want! It also has a beautiful grill and an amazing pizza oven!! I love pizza and my kids love it even more. If I had a pizza oven in my backyard, it would definitely get its fair share of use because we would probably eat nothing else!

We did a similar treatment to the outdoor kitchen at our Tudor house that we did to the Juniper house. We wrapped both of the kitchens in wood. I love that we left the wood raw with all of that beautiful wood grain. I think this makes for a beautiful, unique look to the space 🙂

We added this killer grill and added an actual stove top burner! This is something really unique that we haven’t done in a lot of projects, it felt special in this backyard 🙂 I know that the owners really enjoy using this outdoor kitchen when the weather is nice!

Do you have an outdoor kitchen that you love?!

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