Hello Everyone!

Today, I’m highlighting the outdoor fireplaces of season 2! I don’t have a fireplace in my backyard at home, but looking back at these pictures has given me so much inspiration! Relaxing by the fire on a Saturday night seems like the perfect activity 😊Take a look below!

In the process of building all of this beautiful outdoor space, I like to bring my kids to work! Henry is getting old enough where he is as strong as me (maybe stronger, but this Mama can’t quite admit that yet!) Henry was such a big help in dragging the stones for the outdoor fireplace. Of course, we had to take the opportunity to sit at the top of that gorgeous fireplace and take a picture! He had a great time laughing at me trying to get up there! And getting down was even funnier 😅😂

You can tell on his face he’s thinking “ugh mom, don’t kiss me! I’m too cool for that!”

Deck: TIVADEK | Exterior Tile: Delconca | Deck Screws: Fasten Master | Sod: Earth Scapes of Liberty |  Landscaping: Berry Outdoor Living Construction

I think all of our hard work paid off though! The entire fireplace was EXACTLY what I had in mind!

One of my other favorite outdoor fireplaces from season 2 was from our Belinder house! l want this in my backyard SO badly! It is the perfect way to spend an evening. You flip a switch and the fire comes on and you’re sitting there enjoying a nice glass of wine and your family 😊

Fireplace: Complete Home Concepts | Furniture & Accessories: Contact us to purchase! | Water Feature: Good Earth Watering

Can you even believe that all of this stone was built in Kansas City?! I had such a blast making it with Complete Home Concepts !

Which fireplace would you like in your backyard?! Let me know in the comments below!


Outdoor Accessories

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