It’s inevitable that we run into TONS of obstacles when designing these big, old houses! With the Jefferson house, we ran into more than our fair share! One of those problems being that the house was crooked! Over the past 100 years, the back of the house wasn’t straight! Mainly due to the silly addition on the second floor and the shifting of the earth!

Adding a deck meant creating a space that wasn’t going to look crooked and putting a traditional deck on the back of this house would have meant that the horizontal or vertical lines would have looked off. So, we opted for the non-traditional route and I’m sooo happy we did because the end result looks fantastic! It turned out so fantastic that after, the producer of Bargain Mansions decided to get his deck done the same way!! Take a look below! 🙂

The paver deck was such a fantastic solution because it doesn’t actually attach to the house! You’re able to have a space that feels like it’s a part of the house, but it’s not going to shift with the rest of the house! Genius, right?! The PaverDeck system can be installed on concrete piers, but for this application we used PaverDeck’s SPX wall panels on an existing concrete footing. It has concrete piers that are poured in, so the whole base is a solid structure of its own.

The paver deck system meant that we didn’t have to use lumber in the deck. We were able to use tile for the decking, which meant that we could set it at any angle we wanted and it still came out with what looks like a square, even though it’s a bit shorter on the North side than the South side!

Tile Fabrication: Strother Fabrication

Tile: Del Conca

I’m so happy that we were able add a trim around the deck with Del Conca tile! It is nice, weighted and will last forever even in our Kansas climate! We opted to set it at a diagonal, so you don’t notice that it is shorter on one side than the other. The material we used on the side was TivaDek and I’m so happy with the way it turned out! The other awesome thing about it is that it has zero maintenance, 30 year warranty and is an easy clean up! It looks absolutely beautiful and continues to bring the indoors out and the outdoors in!

I’ve attached some photos of my producer, Matt’s deck! 🙂 Let me know what you think in the comments below!

How gorgeous did this turn out?!

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