Weave Gotcha Covered is one of my favorite local businesses to work with!  They have been so fantastic over the years and I admire their business so much! They’re socially focused company that started as a nonprofit and hired women in underprivileged circumstances. They are committed to training women who are constrained by generational poverty, addiction, incarceration and other circumstances as they work to reclaim their lives through economic stability. Just about every beautiful pillow, curtain and bench seat was made by them from both season 1 and season 2. They have the best upholstery and draperies I’ve ever found!

They give back to the community in so many ways and support women owned businesses, like mine! They have been a huge supporter of mine over the years and we have loved working with them. Keep scrolling to see some of the amazing work they’ve done throughout the years! 🙂

You can check them out HERE!

On the Sunset House, we actually made the master bedroom headboard in the Weave Gotcha Covered shop and it turned out absolutely stunning! Kelly and I spent the day filming the process and I learned a ton about the details that go into making upholstery. I have never actually upholstered anything myself; however, I have deconstructed things and always wondered why there are so many layers. Isn’t the foam enough?! No. Putting just a layer of foam down would give you a stiff edge and the fabric would have a weird crease. To fix this, put the foam board down, spray adhesive to stick to the board, add batting and another layer over it, then pull the fabric tightly. It’s kind of like when you rotate your tires and you have to take one nut off the left, right, top, and bottom so that the weight is evenly distributed. I noticed the similarities when making the headboard!

I think this was an exceptional choice for this master bedroom! Having that dark, charcoal wall and that soft khaki and crème ticked fabric for the headboard made the space exceptionally beautiful and I loved that we were able to custom make the height of the headboard and also add those awesome wings. That piece is still in my staging inventory and I absolutely love it!

You’ll notice that we loved that fabric so much that we also used it for roman shades in the Cottage living room! Weave Gotcha Covered makes everything from upholstery, to curtains, to bedding. If it has fabric, they make it!! And they make almost all of our fantastic pillows that we use in the show. Almost all of my favorite pillows are ones that they made. It’s these little touches of fabric that make such a huge difference in the feeling and finish of our houses! They do such beautiful work with the flange and the piping that add so much texture, color, and charm to a space.

You notice in the Tudor House living room we had these fantastic navy on beige drapes that added so much visual appeal, height, and softness. I want to sit in one of those chairs and read a book! This space would be incomplete without these amazing curtains! 🙂

The pink fabric in the window seat is one of my favorites! It just makes such a statement with its touch of hot pink and its traditional stripe, which was perfect for a window seat! I know this was one of Nora’s favorite spots to sit, play and look out the window!

Do you have have any upholstered items like this in your home?!

Below I’ve linked some of the fabulous fabric we’ve used on Bargain Mansions! Check it out below 🙂

Pink Dalmatian Fabric

Pink Eleanor Fabric

Pink Vibration Fabric

Watercolor Link Grey Fabric

Beaded Glamour Fabric

Petrol White Fabric

Tic Tac Beige Fabric

Henry Plaid Fabric

Tripple Ticked Linen Fabric

Designing Diamonds Fabric

Ziggy Sage Fabric

Polka dot Perfection Beige and White Raised Embroidered Dots Fabric

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