When I was a new mom, I remember transforming our entire basement into a kids’ zone. It had toys, a kid’s workbench, a kitchen, and trikes and bikes- all the good stuff! The reality is most of the spaces that my kids want to be in are the teeny tiny colorful ones. They aren’t looking for the big giant space; they are looking to feel cozy and want all their favorite things around them. Which, as a mom of 15 years, I have learned is way easier to accomplish than a giant space in your home. So, it has become one of the things that I incorporate into my design as often as I possibly can. I think my favorite one is the tiny nook underneath the stairs with the blue and gold speckled wallpaper! Take a look below 😊

Rug & Throw Pillows: Lorena Canals

Rug & Throw Pillows: Lorena Canals

Adhesive Wall Tile: Decopainel

Adhesive Wall Tile: Decopainel

Gingham Tile: Mirth Studio

Carpet: Carpet Direct

Wall Sconce: Kichler

Carpet: Carpet Direct | Artwork: Blue Gallery


Kid’s Couch

Play Tent

Kitchen Set

Laundry Play Kit

Wooden Treehouse

Hooper’s Store

Play Camper

Mars Mission Playhouse

Indoor Bowling Set

Ride On Llama