The accessories you choose to have in your home tell a story about who you are and how you live. In these old homes, there are fun little nooks and crannies that call for fun accessories to liven them up and make you want to look a little closer into that space.  Whether this be in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, or hallways, there is always a spot for a fun interesting trinket. I am always drawn to the little things because it is all in the details! Take a look below 😊

Striped CreamerBright Creamer

When I go to accessorize a space, some of the first things I throw into the space are books. You cannot style a space without books. We have an entire section of our warehouse that is dedicated to all the different types of books. Whether they are old law books, design books, cookbooks, children’s books, we use them in a million different ways. They make for a great layering piece with color. You can see that when I start designing a space, I have my pile of books, even in the kitchen with a teapot and a fun little tray

Stoneware CanistersSmoking GlassCanisters with Bamboo Lids

I love the idea of kitchen accessories not just being functional, but being beautiful as well. I think you can use all of your beautiful dishes, serving pieces, pitchers, and containers for everyday use and it just elevates the way you live. I’m also a really big fan of natural elements. Whether its flowers, geodes, or even rock salt on the kitchen table. I think it brings a warmth to the space that makes it feel a little bit more grounded and homier.

Bistro TablePatterned BowlsBlue Stoneware

Beads & TasslesCeramic VaseMagnifying Glass

Round PaperweightMarble Geometric ShapeCeramic Cylinder

Small GlassesQuartz PebblesStoneware Floating Fish

When I’m doing bookcases it’s all about the balance and getting the high and low correct. If you have everything the same height on a bookshelf, it has a tendency to look flat and dull. So, getting that mixture of symmetry as well as mixing up the height and textures is very important!

Wall TilesBaskets with PomsWicker Baskets with HandlesPink Pillows

Glass Vase

Shore Ceramic Cylinder Vase

Brass MirrorGold Round MirrorLarge Gold Leaf MirrorGrey Rug

Gold BowlGrey PlatesBlue Matte Plates

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