Hello all happppy weekend!  I hope everyone is able to spend some time outside today because it is BEAUTIFUL! I love when the weekend rolls around because I have some time to cook for my family. This weekend, I’m making my children’s favorite green bean recipe.  See the recipe below 🙂

-On the griddle or in a sauté pan add a little bit of butter and olive oil.

-Throw green beans in add salt and pepper to taste. Wait until they start to get browned. I use a high heat so they’re crunchy and cooked.

-Once green beans are browned, I throw blueberries in and drizzle honey on the top.

-Stir ingredients together, once the blueberries start to burst, promptly remove from heat and you’re done 🙂 I love how easy it is!

I paired this with a pork chop and sweet potatoes, but the beans would go really nicely with chicken or a filet. Enjoy!

This recipe is great for ALL seasons, but try subsituting  the blueberries for cranberries or grapes, or adding tosted almonds in the fall and winter. Happy Cooking!