With four kids, you can only imagine our back to school list is 5 miles long!! At least one page of that list has something to do with glue, crafts or science fair projects, so we are constantly stocking up on school glue! I was super excited to find out that Gorilla Glue is now making a kids products! I can’t tell you how many mornings I’ve had to get up to help glue pictures on a science or current events project. With Gorilla Glue, I know that my kid’s projects will look amazing because it dries clear and it’s not going to fall off on the bus ride because it’s of its impressive strength! I also love that it’s washable, safe, non toxic, and the sticks are acid acid free and photo safe. It’s an essential part of all of our crafting needs! 🙂

I keep the adult version of Gorilla Glue in our staging baskets, next to my kitchen sink and in my garage because it seems like we are constantly breaking something! It is without a doubt, for the toughest jobs on planet earth! I use and trust Gorilla Glue every day, and now that I know they make a kids version, I can trust this too!

Doing crafts with my daughter, Nora is one of our favorite Summer activities to do together! I love saving all of the pieces she makes and I want them to be able to last for a LONG TIME! The liquid glue is sooo easy to use! You just twist the cap to open, apply the glue to virtually any surface you’re working with, then press it together. Let it sit for 30 seconds and you’re ready to rock and roll! The best part? It doesn’t run and has a thick formula, so it’s easy to apply with no mess.

The glue stick is super easy too! You just pull and twist to pop off the cap, turn the base clockwise to raise glue, and apply glue to surface evenly. Then, set to let dry! It grabs to surfaces SO quickly, you don’t have to let it dry that long! Perfect for kids 🙂

Thanks for stopping by the blog! I’ve listed a 50% off discount code below this! I hope you enjoy using Gorilla Glue as much as my kids and I do! 🙂


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