Hey everyone! I hope you all have had a great weekend and are feeling rejuvenated for the week ahead! This is the first weekend my family has had to finally relax, and let me tell you, I have been soaking in every moment!!

I am excited to continue our tour through our first Bargain Mansions (Juniper!) and take a closer look at the master bed and bath! For those of you who caught the first episode of Bargain Mansions, you know how much I loved the historic charm of this home. Almost every room had it’s own unique features that I fell in love with. For the master bedroom, it was the gorgeous vintage fireplace and the adorable martini deck! The bath didn’t have much toooo much that was worth salvaging, but of course, we added our own touches to make it feel like a modernized French Chateau! 

My goal for the master bedroom was to make it feel a little bigger and brighter by lightening up the color of walls and the wood flooring. This room was covered wall to ceiling in pastel green, floral wallpaper so OBVIOUSLY that had to go. We stripped it and replaced it with a more neutral (and much calmer) wallpaper with a very elegant, subtle pattern. As for the dark oak floors.. they weren’t terrible by any means. They just didn’t go with the modern French look we were going for, so we replaced them with a lighter, more natural stain.

Bedding: Pom Pom at Home and KDR Bedding | Artwork: Leopold | Sconces: Pottery Barn | Basket (end of the bed): Growing Days Collection found at Restoration Emporium | Lamp: Barbara Cosgrove | Lips: Kelly Wearstler

THIS FIREPLACE was 100% my favorite part of this room. (Martini deck comes second!) It’s a Carrara marble fireplace that was brought in from France when this house was built. You could tell the original owners used it a lot because of all the smoke stains, but I actually kind of liked it, ha. I really didn’t have to do much to it at all. I just spent a little time cleaning up the mantle and the brick firebox and it turned out gorgeous!

Chair: Custom designed with CR Laine (leather seat with Mark Alexander custom-made back) | Vintage Pillow: Growing Days Collection found at Restoration Emporium | Horse: Barbara Cosgrove | Artwork: Leopold | Basket: Pottery Barn | Candles: MovingFlameCandles.com | Rug: HomeGoods

Didn’t these floors turn out awesome? I love how each panel is different.. gives the room such a natural, cozy look!

Like I said before, there really wasn’t too much I liked about this master bathroom. It was covered in the same green floral wallpaper with horrendous curtains AND it had the toilet and shower in a separate room than the sinks and vanity. It was honestly really weird. I immediately knew I wanted to open the space up and bring some more natural light in, so our crew knocked down the walls, installed a large window above the vanity, and replaced the wood floor with tile. We gave the bathroom SO much more space and a lot more light.

Doesn’t this process look extremely satisfying? It actually really is, ha. If there was one thing to take away from the restoration of this home, it’s that laying bathroom tile from floor to ceiling in a herringbone pattern is ALWAYS a good idea! 😉 I seriously LOVED the way this turned out!

One of the BEST parts about this bathroom… the In-floor Electric Radiant Heating Systems that was installed from Warmly Yours. Seriously… a luxury item that is SO worth it. Like I’ve mentioned before, my Dad actually bought this house.. and he told me he’s not sure how he ever LIVED without these heated floors in his life. HA! So good. He loves them.

Stand alone soaking tub: Kohler | All Plumbing Fixtures: Kingston Brass | Rug: Vintage | Gold Hooks: Barbara Cosgrove  | Tile: International Materials of Design Tile and Stone | Shower Door: Westport Glass | Hardware: Locks and Pulls | Windows: Andersen Windows

Sconces and Mirror: Pottery Barn | Faucet: Kingston Brass | Cabinets: McCartney Cabinets | Countertops: Rocktops KC | Vase: Growing Days Collection available at Restoration Emporium | Tray: Target | Candles: BatteryOperatedCandles.net

The Juniper house master bedroom and bath really did turn out EXACTLY how I envisioned it… and as a designer, there is nothing more satisfying than that!! They encompass everything I imagine a modern, French Chateau should and we couldn’t be happier with the end result. What is your favorite part??

In a few days, I will finish up Juniper House series with a post featuring the kiddo bedroom and guest bath! Until then, make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see what else we are up to! 🙂

Have a great week, everyone!