I know I typically talk a lot about construction, but I absolutely LOVE baking and entertaining! One of my favorite places when I’m in a hurry to grab dessert is Andre’s! What I didn’t know until I got a chance to tour the facility is that they have the most fantastic lunch and breakfast menu in town! I’ve enjoyed the lunches at the location out south for years, but I had no idea the scale or size and awesomeness of their main location! I got to spend the day watching them make breads, croissants, cookies, you name it! And I got to sample alllllll of it 🙂 Let me be the first to tell you that you HAVE NOT lived until you’ve eaten an entire loaf of their multi grain bread, napoleons, and macaroons! In my opinion, this was absolute heaven 🙂 Since I’ve gotten the tour, I’ve been back 3 times. I’ve brought back a loaf of bread for the kids and a couple chocolates filled with scotch for my husband. I am the hero of the day when I bring these goodies home! Take a closer look at my visit to Andre’s below and try not to drool! 🙂

Remember to enter in the giveaway to win this amazing Easter basket. I know if my kids had instagrams, they would have tagged everyone they know to win! 🙂 Have an amazing day, everyone!